Institutional Effectiveness

Message from the Senior Vice President

Welcome to the Division of Institutional Effectiveness. Our team leads and coordinates the university's strategic planning, accountability, institutional research, cost management and policy analysis functions. Our primary responsibility is to serve as a university-wide resource that provides timely and accurate information, analyses, and analytic tools to facilitate priority-setting, resource allocation, policy development, decision-making and continuous improvement across the entire university.

In all of this work, we strive to assure that the university's planning, budgeting and institutional effectiveness processes are integrated and are appropriately linked with the statewide public agenda and the regional plan for northern Kentucky.

IE also serves as the primary liaison with the statewide coordinating board, the Council on Postsecondary Education. We are closely involved in the development of the statewide public agenda, biennial budget recommendation to the legislative and executive branch, system-wide accountability program and affordability policies. As steward of the university's official statistics, such as enrollments degree production, we help fulfill the university's external reporting requirements to the Council, as well as the federal government and other agencies and organizations.

All in all, we see ourselves as a service unit that helps others throughout the university establish priorities, put sound policies in place, make good decisions, manage resources wisely and monitor performance and results.

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Please contact any member of the Institutional Effectiveness team when you need information or assistance.

Sue Hodges Moore
Senior Vice President